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Grounds Costa Rica is a specialty coffee importer. We believe in a new, better way of sourcing specialty coffee. We aid farmers and roasters in their trade journey and foster direct trade relationships.

Why? Because the specialty market deserves more transparency and collaboration while at the same time prioritising quality.

The Challenge?

Given the smaller scale of specialty businesses and their purchase amounts, its pretty much impossible to manage an own import and logistics. While at the same time, it’s the specialty field that actually cares and pays attention to the origin and traceability of their supply chain.

Our solution?

We created a Community-Based Coffee import called #jointheboat. We make direct trade possible by facilitating the logistics and where a group of roasters share a shipping container.

We shorten the supply chain by eliminating any unnecessary middlemen, while at the same time involving the farmer on the trade side and the roaster on the production side of the chain.

Our partnership with Gaia Artisan Coffee aids them in their goal of continued coffee excellence, while also encouraging opportunities to expand their farms, technology, businesses and knowledge in a rapidly changing international market.

It is our main mission to help farmers and their families by raising the bar and lead them on their journey to conquer the international market. We work hand in hand by building a bridge between the producer and international roasters, and foster long- lasting trade relationships.

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Vanaf: 21.00 / maand

Capsules: Finca Sebastian

Costa Rica


Vanaf: 10.00

6 x 20 capsules



49.95 incl. btw