Colombia – El Paraiso


Colombia – El Paraiso

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Product NaamColombia El Paraiso
SmaakomschrijvingAbout el paraiso & yanin
Being born into a coffee farming family give you good predomination to keep on the Family tradition for the rest of life. The question is if you will also be willing to take the risk and step out of the traditional way of growing. Yanín díaz is precisely that man. He worked on the coffee farm side by side with his father since he was a child. He learned a lot about all the processes of coffee production but always want to step further and try on new things. His hard work and strong will to do better and along with living a better life for him and his family, was what motivates him and bring ing into the specialty coffee. He bought el paraiso coffee farm in the year 1998 and since then live and work here together with his family. He told us that the primary motivation for deciding to continue work in coffee was the opportunity to help the environment and bring new opportunities to his community. What he likes most of working in el paraiso is the independence he can find in his land and the possibility to share special moments with his wife, his two children and his father, who is always supporting him in the processes of production. Something very particular about mr. Díaz is his awareness and dedication to produce high-quality pecialty coffee, despite the fact of what it means and that so different from producing quantity. He is fully committed to the journey he decided to go and to strive each day more for sense, love, and passion for what he is doing. In the last few years, he invested a lot of energy and experiment on different fermentation processes. The coffee from his hand is always full of juicy fruity notes, with deep sweetness and long after-taste. He is proud of his coffee, and he has reason to be:- )
He considers el paraiso is regarded as a blessed place for him and his family, people he loves. A place that brings him a lot of work beautiful experiences, and ppportunities to live a better life.
District of plaatsEl Brasil
ProducentYanin Diaz from farm Las Brisas
Hoogte1880 – 2100 MASL
ProcesFully Washed

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