AeroPress XL Coffee Maker


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AeroPress XL Coffee Maker

AeroPress XL is a new, larger version of one of the most recognizable coffee makers in the world. It enables you to brew about 500 ml of coffee  (total capacity is about 600 ml) . AeroPress  is an incredibly versatile gadget that will meet the expectations of both beginners and advanced coffee lovers. This product combines the advantages of French Press, filter method and a traditional coffee maker, which makes preparation of your aromatic coffee really simple and quick.


Product description

In addition, the device allows you to explore the limitless flavours of coffee by experimenting with brewing time, water temperature and fine or coarse ground beans.

Using this method, you get about 500ml of coffee, which makes a couple of servings, and the whole process takes only a few minutes. Although AeroPress XL is a larger version of the brewer, it is still relatvely compact, so you can brew your coffee just anywhere. Another advantage is that the device is made of a durable material that is easy to maintain.

AeroPress XL also includes a 600ml carafe made of durable transparent Tritan.

Currently, AeroPress is considered one of the most interesting alternative coffee brewing methods. All over the world there are championships crowned with World AeroPress Championships.

Package content: AeroPress XL, Tritan Carafe, 100 paper filters, coffee stirrer, coffee scoop.

Made in the USA.

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